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[Article] Kim Hyung Jun, “SS501 bad relationship? No way! Our relationship is still good!”

[2010.12.19] Kim Hyung Jun, “SS501 bad relationship? No way! Our relationship is still good!”

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It seems that this man is no longer remembered as SS501’s youngest member Kim Hyung Jun. Despite facing challenges of a new environment, Kim Hyung Jun receives compliments for his outstanding performance in his Musical. Self-confidence may possibily show itself in various ways, and it seems that Kim Hyung Jun have gained his confidence through a different field.

Recently, Kim Hyung Jun who has been receiving good reviews from musical “Caffeine” revealed that although SS501 members haven’t been meeting as often as before, their relationship with each other still remains as close as brothers and good friends.

Kim Hyung Jun affirmed “All is well between us. We are always in touch with each other. It’s just that we don’t often have time to meet. But it seems that our relationship gets better this way. And because we are apart, we tend to appreciate each other more.”

He added, “This is a path that each member had chosen as they desired and hence, there is no reason why our relationship with each other will worsen because of this. We give each other advices as we root for each other to do well.”

Kim Hyung Jun reveals that he will show a more diverse side of him in his future solo activities. “Somehow doing solo activites also signifies that there will be more responsibilities. Responsibilities and pressure like this will create a growth in mindset and encourage positive thinking. I will be looking forward to my future undertakings positively. Also, the good reaction from the crowd which i have been receiving from musical “Caffeine” have also given me more confidence.” he said as he laughed.

Kim Hyung Jun will be involved in his musical “Caffeine” until next year. After which, he is expecting to release a new album and will be promoting it actively.