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[Article] ‘Strong Heart’ Park Jung Min vs Jo Kwon, Winner of Kkab showdown is?

[2011.01.26] ‘Strong Heart’ Park Jung Min vs Jo Kwon, Winner of Kkab showdown is?

Source: TV Report
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Winner for ‘Battle of the KKab’ of the century was emerged through the episode of SBS’s Strong Heart on the 25th.

On this special episode “Mad Presence” of Strong Heart, 2AM’s Jo Kwon had not only showcased his ‘Kkab Kwon Best’, he haughtyly went on throwing Park Jung Min the Kkab dance challenge.

And in order to live up to the name ‘Glamourous Jung Min’ and not to be inferior to Jo Kwon for his sense of entertainment and dance skill, Park Jung Min brought the heated atmosphere in the studio to another level with his sexy dance.

Building on to the heated atmosphere, together with Jo Kwon, the 2 took the stage, showing off their dance skills with couple kkab dance, *rob dancing and etc. However, during the crucial round of the dance off, the butt dance, Park Jung Min conceded defeat eventually at Jo Kwon’s ‘Peak of Kkab’.
(*t/n: Rob dancing is a dance like .. shaking? not sure how to explain it but Seo In Young is famous for that!)

At the end of Jo Kwon and Park Jung Min’s ‘Kkab Showdown’, Jo Kwon was declared the winner. Park Jung Min said “Our eyes met while we were dancing and something was caught in our eyes at that moment”which arouses a round of laughter in the studio.


[Article] Lee Hong Ki-Kim Kyu Jong, Proof shot of Close friendship “It’s been a long time!”

[2011.01.24] Lee Hong Ki-Kim Kyu Jong, Proof shot of Close friendship “It’s been a long time!”

Source: TV Daily
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FT Island member Lee Hong Ki recently unveiled a photo of himself and SS501 member Kim Kyu Jong on Twitter.

Lee Hong Ki posted the photo along with caption, “With Kyu Jong Hyung whom i have not met in a long time” displaying their friendship which gained much attention. Both of them were posing for the photo with their face side by side each other & smiling brightly, showing their close friendship.

Nezitens commented “The two look totally lovely”, “Please (continue to) show us your friendship for a long time!”, “Unexpected friendship?! Cute” and so on.

Despite the uneasiness of going solo, Sexy Charisma is shining!

[2011.01.24] Despite the uneasiness of going solo, Sexy Charisma is shining!

[Exclusive] Park Jung Min, commemorates his solo debut showcase

Source: Hankooki
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‘Sexy Charisma’, is one of the term that represents him. This is due to his tall, charming appearance and his eloquence.

SS501’s member Park Jung Min held his Showcase cum Fanmeeting on the 22nd, 7pm at Dome Art Hall of the Children’s Grand Park in Seoul. This event was prepared to commemorate and celebrate his first solo debut album. There were around 2000 fans including South Korea, China, Japan and so on, who are present to watch him as he takes his first solo step.

Starting from February, Park Jung Min will be holding showcases in Japan, Taiwan and various countries to commemorate the release of his solo album.

# Sexy Charisma is Sparkling!
On this day, besides his title song <Not Alone>, Park Jung Min has also performed songs such as <My Day is Everyday Christmas> and <Do You Know?>. Without his fellow members with him on the stage, and instead, he has to deal with the burden alone backstage as he gets himself prepared. Kim Hyung Jun made a visit with encouragement “I was glad to see that Park Jung Min had closely filled up the stage even though he’s alone”

# ‘Hello’ ‘Ni Hao (Hello in chinese)’ ‘Aishiteru (I Love You in Japanese)’
Park Jung Min did not forget to greet his fans from overseas whom were present at the showcase in various languages. Like what the host Jung Juri said, Park Jung Min’s good conversational skills with his fans is like “Push & Pull”. The gift of gab and extraordinary talent in learning a language, this is the charm of Park Jung Min.

# We are group mates and friends
In the middle of Park Jung Min’s, SS501’s Kim Hyung Jun made a surprise appearance. When being asked what is Park Jung Min’s charm and vitality to the people around him, Kim Hyung Jun replied ‘Vitamin’, which he further elaborate in the presence of fans and Park Jung Min. And to round off his congratulatory to Park Jung Min for his solo debut, Kim Hyung Jun planted a kiss on Park Jung Min’s cheek, showing off their unusual (?) friendship between them.

# All of your energy have increased
For this showcase, Park Jung Min revealed while he was backstage exchanging greetings, that he has received help from two persons for making the showcase a remarkable one. Yoo Seung Ho, the director who directed was the one overseeing the progress and the situation, as well as giving explanations and help to Park Jung Min. As well as the composer of, Shinsadong Tiger, whose late arrival almost resulted in him receiving complaints and being called a liar [Note: jokingly] , gave Park Jung Min a lot of encouragement for his showcase stage.

# Even though i was laughing, i was nervous at that moment
In order to stand in front on the stage for this showcase, Park Jung Min and the staff were completely absorbed in the preparations. At this new age of music, the solo debut stage has to be held almost immediately, and there is barely enough time to prepare for the showcase.

[Article] Park Jung Min, “Reason why SS501 members don’t meet up frequently is..”

[2011.01.20] Park Jung Min, “Reason why SS501 members don’t meet up frequently is..”

Source: Osen
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On the 20th, Group SS501’s Park Jung Min released his first solo album ‘Not Alone’ and begins his activities as a ambitious solo.

When Park Jung Min was with his SS501 members, he had a lot of asian fans. Now, with this 3 words ‘Park Jung Min’ he is starting anew with anticipation for good results.

His transformation is visible as he gives off a different feeling in terms of appearance as compared to the past. Losing over 10 kg of weight, with his slim face line and body, you can feel the chicness to that of a so-called ‘Cool city man’.

Park Jung Min who seemed to be looking more mature after the weight loss said, “Watching the DVD of SS501 in the past, I was startled (because too fat) so decided to lose weight.” as he laughed heartily.

Having moved into his new agency CNR media, there will inevitably fear and difficulties which he may have to face. To which, Park Jung Min responded “Felt disappointed at that point of time when SS501 ended our activities. I was worried about ‘What am i going to do’. It was mentally draining and I even thought ‘I should just quit’. I had to take sleeping pills as I could not sleep. Probably due to mental stress, i felt really sick.”

However, looking back after all these time, he said “Seems to have learned”. “Thoughts started growing when I am alone, felt that I should be stronger. If I were to continue as a group, then I would have had to just settle for the reality. I might not have thought of improving myself for the better, therefore being independent might have triggered me. I started thinking a lot about the past too. The times when I went about working hard for the audition. ‘SS501 fans may not all be my fans’, gradually I no longer have such thoughts and worries.”

SS501 members still remains in contact and are always cheering on and supporting each other’s activities. Not long ago, Jung Min personally visited the venue of musical ‘Caffeine’ to cheer for Kim Hyung Jun who was the main lead, after which his appearance has created a sensation.

When asked if the members meet up frequently, Park Jung Min said earnestly “We cheer on each other’s activites through phonecalls. However, I don’t know why I will deliberately refrain myself when I find myself starting to feel reliant. Especially now. I need to be alone now as it is a crucial time for solo activities”

With the release of the solo, Park Jung Min and SS501’s music are strikingly different. A common sight for idols’ music are often made of distinctive, splendid scales and a musical-like feel. As for solo album title song ‘Not Alone’, the hit producer Shinsadong Tiger and Park Jung Min went through great pains for a long time to produce it. It was a song that creates transformation opportunities for both Park Jung Min and Shinsadong Tiger.

Especially so for this album, Park Jung Min has taken up the responsibility to personally write the songs. ‘Not Alone’ contains messages thrown out for society, Park Jung Min himself and the fans, as he feels some uneasiness while coming forth in solo activities. Nevertheless, for the sake of being with and the faith from his fans, his honest, intact feelings has been revealed.

“Without the 5 of us, it’s lonely, as I want to make the stage seemed packed. Originally, I like straight band style, but many orchestration elements has been put into the song. As for personally writing it? Already from SS501, I’ve written a solo song on my own. I think it’s good that for the songs that I sing, I will write the lyrics sincerely no matter what.”

“The image of a musician will be shown much more through the solo activities. Though there are chances to perform solo, the focus is often concentrated on the group as a whole. Now I can challenge writing and composing, and receive vocal lessons separately. Except during the early phase of SS501 activities, this is the first time I am receiving vocal trainings. ”

Concerns about the first solo stage resulted in many questions asked. “I cannot have worries. I cannot tremble or have burdens, this is something enjoyable. I have to think like this many times. Gradually my self-confidence were build-up.” Such Hallyu star-like composure was shown by Park Jung Min.

Even though there are no restrictions to when the 5 of them will return on the stage to perform, right now they are responsible for the stage and to sing. For the sake of this album, Park Jung min explained his “feelings of a father” for this album, “During the time as a group, my own part is the only thing I need to concentrate on, however as a solo, I have to be in control of the overall flow on the stage. Being on the stage is like widening my acting skills. Originally, I had dreams of being an actor, but being on stage seems to allow me to have feelings of acting too. ”

Meanwhile, Park Jung Min will be set to spur off his activities, starting with Mnet “M.Countdown” on the 20th.

[Article] What are the plans of 7 Handsome Stars on Valentine’s Day?

[2011.01.19] What are the plans of 7 Handsome Stars on Valentine’s Day?

Source: Newsen
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Actor Lee Jong Seok, SS501’s Kim Kyu Jong and Heo Young Saeng, Supreme Team’s Simon D (Ssamdi), Infinite, Doosan Bear’s Oh Jae-won and Lim Tae Hun talks about their upcoming plans for Valentine’s Day through Cosmopolitan.


SS501’s Heo Young Saeng is in the midst of preparing his solo album, while Kim Kyu Jong is preparing himself as he ventures into acting for the first time. When asked about the first thing which they want to do most had they have a girlfriend, Kim Kyu Jong said “I want to go to the theatre and amusement park while holding hands with my date.”, while Heo Young Saeng revealed “I wish to be able to talk about everything over a cup of Soju.”


[Article] Park Jung Min ‘Bright Smile’ that melts Women’s Heart

[2011.01.16] Park Jung Min ‘Bright Smile’ that melts Women’s Heart

Source: Newsen
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Idol Singers sets off to Thailand to spend special time.

20 over idols to set off to Pattaya, Thailand for SBS Lunar New Year Special Program on the 16th January via Incheon International Airport. Program MC for this program will be Kim Je DOng.

The program will be conducted according to the format of ‘XMAN’ & ‘Love Letter’. Idols featured in this program includes upcoming solo comeback artist SS501 Park Jung Min, Kara (Park Gyuri, Nicole, Han Seung Yeon, Goo Hara, Kang Ji Young), 4minute (Nam Ji Hyun, Heo Gayoon, Jeon JiYoon, Kim Hyuna, Kwon SoHyeon), T-ara (Boram, JiHyeon, Hyomin, Eun Jung, Qri, Soyeon, Ryu Hwa Young), After School (Juyeon, Becka, Gahee, Jungah, UEE, Nana, Raina, Lizzie, Lee Young), Secret (Han SunHwa, Song Ji Eun, Zinger, Jeon Hyo Sung), 2AM (Jo Kwon, Im Seulong, Jung Jin Woon, Lee Chang Min), 2PM (Junsu, Nichkhun, Taec Yeon, Woo Young, Junho, Chan Sung), CN Blue (Jung Yong Hwa, Lee Jung Shin, Lee JongHyun, Kang Min Hyuk), FT Island (Choi Jong Hun, Lee Hong Ki, Lee Jaejin, Choi Min Hwan, Song Seung Hyeon), Super Junior (Lee Teuk, Heechul, Yesung, Shin Dong, Sungmin, Eunhyuk, Donghae, Siwon, Ryeowook, Kyuhyun), Sistar (SoYu, Bora, Dasom, Hyorin) and so on.

The filming of the program will be for 3 days 2 nights, from the 17th January to 19th January. It was revealed that there will be a high possibility of couple matching in the program with idols of the same age group participating.

[Article] Seungri-Jung Min-Gahee, Solo over Group?

[2011.01.13] Seungri-Jung Min-Gahee, Solo over Group?

Source: Osen
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Members of idol groups show their powerful transformation for solo activities.

(about Big Bang Seungri)

‘Hallyu-dol (Hallyu Idol)’ SS501’s Park Jung Min begins his first solo activity. He will be releasing his first solo album under his new agency CNR media.

Due to the Yeonpyeong Island incident, Park Jung Min’s first solo album which was supposed to be
released on 25 November last year had been postponed. Other than taking charge of the writing of the lyrics for his title song ‘Not Alone’ and other tracks in the album, Jung Min had lose more than 10kg in with the efforts to achieve a sleek and chic look.

Instead of the conventional youthful and cute image, Park Jung Min is going for a mature and masculine appearance. And together with the change in style of music, you will be able to feel the difference to that of when he was with his group.

With plans to become an ‘ambitious solo’, Park Jung Min and Hitsong producer Shinsadong Tiger had worked together on breathing techniques. Both Park Jung Min and Shinsadong Tiger has now reached another level of ‘transformation’ to be shown to all in the album. Park Jung Min’s album will be released on the 20th, following on the 22nd will be his showcase and afterwhich he will begin his domestic as well as overseas promotion.

(about After School’s Park Gahee)

[Article] Kim Hyun Joong chosen as Casual Clothing Brand Model ‘Lovely Couple Look Proposal’

[2011.01.12] Kim Hyun Joong chosen as Casual Clothing Brand Model ‘Lovely Couple Look Proposal’

Source: TVDaily
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Casual Brand Hang Ten Korea had chosen Rising Hallyu Star Kim Hyun Joong as Year 2011 Model

HangTen in-charge revealed “Given Kim Hyun Joong’s popularity amongst the general public, with him as the model will very well capture the attention of every men and women (young and old). In addition, his warm, passionate and trendy charm will help in bringing out a wide variety of fashion simultaneously. Considering the fact that his image fits the brand comfortably, he was hence selected as the model.”

Hangten also revealed that they will be working on a photoshoot for the S/S poster for the next 1 year presenting Kim Hyun Joong in casual, comfortable and luxurious look. Kim Hyun Joong will also be coupled with female model to showcase lovely couple look through pictorials.

Besides, Hangten conducts environmental campaign annually, with this year’s slogan ‘SAVE THE EARTH’, they will be deploying a variety of activites together with Kim Hyun Joong as a part of a good environmental consumer.

Meanwhile, after the completion of MBC TV ‘Playful Kiss’, Kim Hyun Joong spends some time recharging himself before beginning new commercial filming schedules and preparation for releasing his Solo album.

[Article] SS501 Kim Hyung Jun forms a Game Team!

[2011.01.11] SS501 Kim Hyung Jun forms a Game Team!

Source: Nate
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Hyung Jun becomes a Pro-Gamer Season 2, Hyung Jun forms Game Team! Start!

Earlier last year, Hyung Jun’s participation in MBC reality TV program ‘SS501 Hyung Jun becomes a Pro-gamer’ had not only received high viewer ratings, but he had also captivated viewers’ hearts with his indiscriminate sociable personality in becoming a pro-gamer despite the setbacks he met. With the encouragement from game fans and viewers, he is finally making his return with Season 2 SS501 Hyung Jun forms Game Team.

A year ago, in order to become a Pro-gamer, the youngest member of SS501 takes on many professional gamers with painstaking efforts. This time, in Season 2, with a team formed by a national player as the team’s leader and an amateur player, more intense and heated games of war is expected to unfold.

In order for the success and establishment of Kim Hyung Jun’s name in the Pro-game team, he will be directly involved in the management and upkeeping of the game team, from the choice of players, game practices to seeking out matches and competitions, thus revealing his strong ambitions, especially in the selection of game team members through open auditions to select 7 people, perhaps also uncovering key players of substantial, hidden talent and ability.

Fundamentally, a game entertainer should prepare the e-sports team with the pro-gamers for game skills, hidden talent and gifts, possibility of improvement, as well as selecting and planning for more new paces/moves ahead.

After a year being an honorary pro-gamer, the endlessly developing SS501 Kim Hyung Jun who is the leader of the game team! As the Pro-game team leader, how will Kim Hyung Jun show us the ways he deal with the newly assigned challenges in the establishment of the pro-game team? The first episode will be broadcast through MBC Game Channel on the 21st January 2011, Monday at 5PM.

[Article] SS501 Park Jung Min, lipstick & naughty days?

[2011.01.05] SS501 Park Jung Min, lipstick & naughty days?

Source: StarNews
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Ahead of his fellow group member, SS501 Park Jung Min has embarked on his Solo activity. With his bright and cheerful personality, Park Jung Min has been receiving a lot of love from his fans. Swiftly, he will be riding towards the stage of his dream in Asia on his own.

In the mid of this month, Park Jung Min will begin his Pan-Asian activities according to plans that has been “tailored-made” for him. He will begin his solo activities as a Solo Singer as well as an actor. He will be promoting in countries such as Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, China and other parts of Asia.

Recently, Park Jung Min has been noticed for his beaming radiance. Born in the Year 1987, he is the first person to begin his activities amongst all other celebrities representives born in the Year of Rabbit. And even before starting his solo activities, Park Jung Min had his adorable childhood photos revealed through Money Today Star News.

Park Jung Min’s childhood photos showed that his looks haven’t changed much, flaunting his appearance through out the years. Looking at the photos, it seems that Jung Min has been bright and cheerful since he was a child, and this personality has been with him through his growing years.

The first picture shows Park Jung Min while he attended elementary school. He was in his classroom as he cheekily strike a pose of a woman. Showing off his beauty (?) with Dark red lipstick on.

Second picture shows Park Jung Min’s first year as a baby rabbit. Already smiling brightly even when he has yet to learn to walk. Looking extremely alike to his present appearance.

The third photo shows Park Jung Min in his father’s arms while he watches TV. With his cute and priceless haircut as he tries to struggle himself free, he leaves a deep impression in people. Last photo of Park Jung Min smiling brightly while playing in the winter with a younger sister had too attracted attention.

Meanwhile, Park Jung Min will be preparing to meet his fans on the 22nd January through “Park Jung Min 1st Showcase & Fanmeeting” which will be held at Children’s Grand Park in Seoul. Tickets for his showcase were soldout in 14 minutes, attracting attention from many fans. This fanmeeting also marks the beginning of his promotional activities.