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[Article] Seungri-Jung Min-Gahee, Solo over Group?

[2011.01.13] Seungri-Jung Min-Gahee, Solo over Group?

Source: Osen
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Members of idol groups show their powerful transformation for solo activities.

(about Big Bang Seungri)

‘Hallyu-dol (Hallyu Idol)’ SS501’s Park Jung Min begins his first solo activity. He will be releasing his first solo album under his new agency CNR media.

Due to the Yeonpyeong Island incident, Park Jung Min’s first solo album which was supposed to be
released on 25 November last year had been postponed. Other than taking charge of the writing of the lyrics for his title song ‘Not Alone’ and other tracks in the album, Jung Min had lose more than 10kg in with the efforts to achieve a sleek and chic look.

Instead of the conventional youthful and cute image, Park Jung Min is going for a mature and masculine appearance. And together with the change in style of music, you will be able to feel the difference to that of when he was with his group.

With plans to become an ‘ambitious solo’, Park Jung Min and Hitsong producer Shinsadong Tiger had worked together on breathing techniques. Both Park Jung Min and Shinsadong Tiger has now reached another level of ‘transformation’ to be shown to all in the album. Park Jung Min’s album will be released on the 20th, following on the 22nd will be his showcase and afterwhich he will begin his domestic as well as overseas promotion.

(about After School’s Park Gahee)


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