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[Article] Park Jung Min, “Reason why SS501 members don’t meet up frequently is..”

[2011.01.20] Park Jung Min, “Reason why SS501 members don’t meet up frequently is..”

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On the 20th, Group SS501’s Park Jung Min released his first solo album ‘Not Alone’ and begins his activities as a ambitious solo.

When Park Jung Min was with his SS501 members, he had a lot of asian fans. Now, with this 3 words ‘Park Jung Min’ he is starting anew with anticipation for good results.

His transformation is visible as he gives off a different feeling in terms of appearance as compared to the past. Losing over 10 kg of weight, with his slim face line and body, you can feel the chicness to that of a so-called ‘Cool city man’.

Park Jung Min who seemed to be looking more mature after the weight loss said, “Watching the DVD of SS501 in the past, I was startled (because too fat) so decided to lose weight.” as he laughed heartily.

Having moved into his new agency CNR media, there will inevitably fear and difficulties which he may have to face. To which, Park Jung Min responded “Felt disappointed at that point of time when SS501 ended our activities. I was worried about ‘What am i going to do’. It was mentally draining and I even thought ‘I should just quit’. I had to take sleeping pills as I could not sleep. Probably due to mental stress, i felt really sick.”

However, looking back after all these time, he said “Seems to have learned”. “Thoughts started growing when I am alone, felt that I should be stronger. If I were to continue as a group, then I would have had to just settle for the reality. I might not have thought of improving myself for the better, therefore being independent might have triggered me. I started thinking a lot about the past too. The times when I went about working hard for the audition. ‘SS501 fans may not all be my fans’, gradually I no longer have such thoughts and worries.”

SS501 members still remains in contact and are always cheering on and supporting each other’s activities. Not long ago, Jung Min personally visited the venue of musical ‘Caffeine’ to cheer for Kim Hyung Jun who was the main lead, after which his appearance has created a sensation.

When asked if the members meet up frequently, Park Jung Min said earnestly “We cheer on each other’s activites through phonecalls. However, I don’t know why I will deliberately refrain myself when I find myself starting to feel reliant. Especially now. I need to be alone now as it is a crucial time for solo activities”

With the release of the solo, Park Jung Min and SS501’s music are strikingly different. A common sight for idols’ music are often made of distinctive, splendid scales and a musical-like feel. As for solo album title song ‘Not Alone’, the hit producer Shinsadong Tiger and Park Jung Min went through great pains for a long time to produce it. It was a song that creates transformation opportunities for both Park Jung Min and Shinsadong Tiger.

Especially so for this album, Park Jung Min has taken up the responsibility to personally write the songs. ‘Not Alone’ contains messages thrown out for society, Park Jung Min himself and the fans, as he feels some uneasiness while coming forth in solo activities. Nevertheless, for the sake of being with and the faith from his fans, his honest, intact feelings has been revealed.

“Without the 5 of us, it’s lonely, as I want to make the stage seemed packed. Originally, I like straight band style, but many orchestration elements has been put into the song. As for personally writing it? Already from SS501, I’ve written a solo song on my own. I think it’s good that for the songs that I sing, I will write the lyrics sincerely no matter what.”

“The image of a musician will be shown much more through the solo activities. Though there are chances to perform solo, the focus is often concentrated on the group as a whole. Now I can challenge writing and composing, and receive vocal lessons separately. Except during the early phase of SS501 activities, this is the first time I am receiving vocal trainings. ”

Concerns about the first solo stage resulted in many questions asked. “I cannot have worries. I cannot tremble or have burdens, this is something enjoyable. I have to think like this many times. Gradually my self-confidence were build-up.” Such Hallyu star-like composure was shown by Park Jung Min.

Even though there are no restrictions to when the 5 of them will return on the stage to perform, right now they are responsible for the stage and to sing. For the sake of this album, Park Jung min explained his “feelings of a father” for this album, “During the time as a group, my own part is the only thing I need to concentrate on, however as a solo, I have to be in control of the overall flow on the stage. Being on the stage is like widening my acting skills. Originally, I had dreams of being an actor, but being on stage seems to allow me to have feelings of acting too. ”

Meanwhile, Park Jung Min will be set to spur off his activities, starting with Mnet “M.Countdown” on the 20th.


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