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[Article] “Can’t live as an Idol all the time”…Kim Hyung Jun.Kim Ki Bum Brothers becomes CEO

[2011.03.30] “Can’t live as an Idol all the time”…Kim Hyung Jun.Kim Ki Bum Brothers becomes CEO

Source: DongA
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You can’t be an idol for too long. You have to plan (think of) your future.”

SS501 Kim Hyung Jun and former UKISS member Kim Ki Bum brothers decided to become businessmen.

The 2 brothers who have always been interested in characters and related product design as well as media business development, joint-hands together and started the business, ‘HnB Company’. The name ‘HnB’ is an abbreviation for ‘Happy and Bright’ and is created using their name initial. The alphabet H comes the name of Kim Hyung Jun, while B from brother KiBum.

In the recent interview with Sports DongA, Kim Hyung Jun said with aspiration “We won’t always remain as an young idol group for too long.” he continued, “We have to make some investment and plan for our living for the future. I will show you that my business is a success.”

Kim Hyung Jun added, “My brother KiBum is an idea bank. It would be good if we can start the business while presenting various characters to the fans as gifts at the same time.” he continued, “The 2 of us have been directly involve, from the design to the development of the product.”

The result of ideas from 2 person are the interesting names they have for the products. Like ‘Piro Piro’ for the neck pillows and cushions, and ‘Siro Siro’ and ‘Maro Maro’ which will be launched in April.

Kim Hyung Jun revealed, “The price of fame is the tendency for people to think that celebrity’s status is used in business. I would like to focus on the quality and practicality. When creating the product, i think from the perspective of consumer in order to increase the repurchase rate.”



[Article] SS501 Kim Hyung Jun, ‘Solo Singer.Actor. Entrepreneur.. I’m a greedy person”

[2011.03.29] SS501 Kim Hyung Jun, ‘Solo Singer.Actor. Entrepreneur.. I’m a greedy person”

Source: Osen
Korean to English Translation: Honeyeee @

Be it in group SS501 or as solo singer, it is necessary that Kim Hyung Jun’s all-rounded talent is noticeable. Singer, actor, business man. To be able to confidently release an album of his own, Kim Hyung Jun is not the cute maknae of the group anymore.

Kim Hyung Jun made his comeback and released his first mini-album ‘My Girl’ after a year. When being asked about the feeling of standing on the stage alone, he said “It feels good. I was able to fulfil what i had wanted to do”. His shinning eyes shows his determination of wanting to show more in the future.

“I have wanted to try solo even while it was the 5 of us. I have always wanted to try being on my own. I have a lot of desire. I’m greedy.” He said, “I wanted something distinctive” with his eyes full of dreams.

The biggest advantage of a solo is to be able to freely pursue the kind music. For Kim Hyung Jun’s first mini album, he spent about 2 months looking for title song ‘oH! aH!’ since it is going to be the song that marks the beginning of his solo work. Sophisticated and intense reaction. Feel that it is a good start.

“Kim Hyung Jun has this side too?”, “Kim Hyung Jun right?”, “Kim Hyung Jun have changed a lot” Kim Hyung Jun feel satisfied when he hear words like this and will want to work even harder on his transformation.

Of course there were worries. “Frankly, i feel burdened, of course. However, I enjoy myself on the stage once i found my confidence. Embarking on solo activities have proved a great significance on its own.”

Now, Kim Hyung Jun’s appearance have vary greatly as compared to as when he was with the other 4 members. Character wise, he has changed too. Of course there were difficulties. The members have been together for 6 years and they was subjected to extreme stress when they are separated.

“Of course i felt lonely. But i can feel myself becoming a lot more mature. In the past, I don’t voice out my thoughts and opinions strongly. Therefore i had a lot of regrets deep down, so much that i might have developed some internal injuries inside. When in group activities, other members can fill up my lacking parts. But it is different now. I have to bear all the responsibilities by myself. I feel more grown up. And i am gaining myself more confidence too.”

There is also another fear. A fear that is experienced by anyone who transforms into solo artiste from group, that is the shrinking of fanbase.

This is something that Kim Hyung Jun himself agrees with and he also believes that it is something that must be overcome by himself.

“I have to overcome this process. Initially i have thoughts like did the fans lessen, did the fans who came to see me lessen, did the voices shouting for me lessen. But only after overcoming this, you can truly enjoy yourself while on the stage. Now i get to create something right from scratch.”

Kim Hyung Jun thought it wasn’t enough to concentrate on choreography, so he started working hard on vocal training again right from the beginning. Although he wasn’t 100% satisfied, his new image brings surprises to all.

When being asked about his first stage broadcast, he revealed “I was really nervous. I made a lot of mistakes during rehearsal. I was never so shakened before. But i am a little stage conscious. Once i was on the stage, i could not feel the nervousness i felt before, but i felt a burst of joy.”

Kim Hyung Jun who have a lot of desire wishes to excel in not just singing, but also hopes to be someone who excels in acting. Having done the musical ‘Caffeine’, Kim Hyung Jun has proven himself with potential as an actor.

The voice with great advantages. Unlike his pretty face, Kim Hyung Jun is blessed with a deep bassy voice, which is a plus point to him as he is capable of pulling off a wide genre of songs during both acting and singing.

“Honestly, musical was a little tough for me since i am still learning. It was like a new world to me. It is an area where I can do well and i want to do well. I was lucky that the response was good. It was really a wise decision to participate in a musical. Nevertheless, music is still my priority, but i too have desire to venture into acting.”

Kim Hyung Jun takes another name, the business man. Before, when Kim Hyung Jun’s younger brother Kim Kibum was still active as a UKISS member, both brothers joint hands and ventured into character business ‘Piro Piro’ which was doing fairly well.

“Business is better than expected. And is expanding a little by little. Our office has already grown bigger. Staff has also increased. Haha. I am working with my brother and i am really happy about it. Kibum has got a strong entrepreneur’s streak. And most importantly, I am really proud of my brother when i see him working hard.” (Honeyeee: Hyung Jun nim~ im so proud of you too! ^^)

Because it is still in the early days, Kim Hyung Jun is still not sure about his final goal. But the answer is clear that the youth with overwhelming ambitious has returned. “I want be a successful creator like Park Jin Young, Lee Soo Man, Yang Hyun Seok sunbaenims. I want to help the juniors who have dreams to build their dreams. But of course, even though this might be tough and difficult, I would still like to challenge it. One day i will somehow achieve it right? Nothing is impossible. Haha”

Kim Hyung Jun whose promotional activities in Japan was put off due to the earthquake in Japan, will now focus on domestic activities.

[Article] Park Jung Min electrified fans in Singapore!

[2011.03.21] Park Jung Min electrified fans in Singapore!

Credits: Lian He Wan Bao, Omy
Translation: 9oanne @
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“Princess Hug”, Cake feeding, Back hug, Korean Star Park JungMin’s actions have electrified his 500 fans!
Korean Idol Group SS501 member, Park Jung Min, came Singapore last friday to promote his First Solo EP “Not Alone”, and has shown a very warm side of him. During yesterday’s Fan meeting, Park Jung Min carried fans, feed lucky fan with cake, and also back hug fan, almost fulfilling every requests, which results in non-stop screaming from fans. Those fans who got picked to go up on stage, were even luckier to have close contact with him!

Park Jung Min performed four songs during his Fan Meeting, including a Mandarin song, “Forever Love” which was originally sang by Wang Lee Hom. Beside practicing hard on Mandarin songs, Park Jungmin, who is very keen in learning Mandarin, also tried to answer questions in Chinese. Moreover, he will make fans happy by saying some sweet talks such as, ” I miss you all”, “You all are my girlfriends”, “You all are so cute”, “I will come back again” in Mandarin.

Beside giving eye contacts with his fans down the stage, Park Jung Min is even more generous to the fans on stage, in a way of giving hugs. Fans not only can get his back hug, one of the fans were being carried by Park Jung Min in a princess way, which made a lot of fans screamed and envy.
Park Jung Min do have those formality of other Korean celebrities. During game session, he will make fun of the fans by acting like he’s angry and said, “Faster! Faster!” in mandarin to those fans who walked slowly, and this created so much laughter among the fans. Park Jung Min treated his fans so nicely, fans has also recorded a MV for him. In additions, fans almost personally bake a cake for his birthday celebration, which made him very touched.

During the Press Conference, Park Jung Min shown a playful side of him, and even behaved like a “parrot” by copying what the translator and host said. He will also make some funny expression during the Press Conference, like pouting.

Park Jung Min was very comfortable during the Press Conference, and his playful image was very adorable. When the host ask questions, he will copy her tone, and when reporter ask questions, he will asked, “Who are you?” in Mandarin. Upon hearing the reporter’s name, he will then repeat his name by adding a “Little” in front of their name in mandarin, which create so much laughter. When the reporter asked two questions at a time, Park Jung Min will purposely give a expression that “blame” the reporter for being too greedy. However, when the translator forgets to translate the 2nd question, he will remind her that there’s another question. These caring actions has created a very good impression of him in other people’s mind.

[Article] Kim Hyun Joong, donated 100 million won to the victims of Japan Earthquake

[2011.03.14] Kim Hyun Joong, donated 100 million won to the victims of Japan Earthquake

Source: TV Report
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Kim Hyun Joong made a donation of 100 million Won to help the Japan Earthquake.

On the 14th, Kim Hyun Joong had made a donation of 100 million won through DA agency to help the victims and the damages caused by the Japan earthquake.

Kim Hyun Joong said “I was shocked and sad to hear the news. Although i cannot help much, but i hope everything will recover quickly and i hope to be able to help those victims.”

He added with favour, “There are a lot of people who need our help. Let’s all join our hearts together and give them hope.”

An Japan agency official revealed, “To show his concern, Kim Hyun Joong had seeked my opinion of the fastest way to purchase aid supplies and to be delivered to the victims as soon as possible.

SS501 Park Jung Min Suicide?! Chinese Media mistook photo of Cheorographer Park Jung Min.

[2011.03.02] SS501 Park Jung Min Suicide?! Chinese Media mistook photo of Cheorographer Park Jung Min.

Source: TV Daily
English Translation: Honeyeeee + Wonderrrgirl @
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SS501 Park Jung Min is not the victim of this case of suicide assault.

Chinese media reported on Cheorographer Park Jung Min (37) who took his life this month on the 27th.

However, picture appearing on the articles is not the Cheorographer, but Park Jung Min of SS501
which brought confusion to many overseas fans.

In the news coverage, with regards to the deceased Park Jung Min’s death, the well-known and the very same truth was reported by the Korean media as well, but the photo being used (by the Chinese media) was completely out of context.

Overseas fans who have read the article responded, “Just looking at the headlines and the picture only, one will be misled by it” , “A correction to the article should be made”.