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[Pictures] Kim Hyung Jun “ESCAPE” Solo Album Showcase & Mini Concert

[2012.06.29] Kim Hyung Jun “ESCAPE” Solo Album Showcase & Mini Concert

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[Article] Nuvane, “Heo Young Saeng’s like a beggar” insulting remarks.

[2012.06.10] Nuvane, “Heo Young Saeng’s like a beggar” insulting remarks.

Source: Star Today
English Translation: Honeyeee @

Magic Team Nuvane made an criticism remark towards group SS501’s member Heo Young Saeng.

In the afternoon on the 9th, at the end of MBC TV ‘Show Music Core’ , member Jang Hyo Won of Nuvane wrote on his twitter “Heo Young Saeng’s like a beggar”. This was written after seeing the performance of Heo Young Saeng who has performed his title song ‘Crying’ from the 2nd mini album ‘SOLO’ which was released last month on the 22nd.

This resulted in fans of Heo Young Saeng attacking Jang Hyo Won. Through a search on the internet, information found proofed Nuvane as a public figure. Such action as showing disrespect to a singer is unacceptable.

With the attacks from Heo Young Saeng’s fans, Jang Hyo Won aggravates it by tweeting “Because I’m scared so I’m going to shut down my account…is fake. What’s with you all”. Nuvane’s leader Kim Do Hyeong too tweeted in response to the angry fans “Gosh! That fellow’s fans are scary kekekekeke Only a word and there’s an explosion in twitter”.

Fans rebutted Nuvane with posts such as “A person whose name will appear upon searching on the Internet is someone of a public figure and this is not what the behavior that one should have.” , “I hope you guys hear people calling you beggars too” , “This is absurd” , “Quick apologize” and so on.

Eventually Jang Hyo Won apologized on the 10th in the morning “Specifically mentioning a particular artiste as an performing artiste myself, there seems to be a problem with respect. I apologize to the artiste and fans.” Leader Kim Do Hyeong too apologized “I apologized too as a leader for my team member’s mistake”. All condemning writings that caused the dispute were removed too.

-Omitted the last paragraph that talks about Nuvane-

[Article] Heo Young Saeng “Sold the car because of fear for drink-driving”

[2012.06.08] Heo Young Saeng “Sold the car because of fear for drink-driving”

Source: Newsen
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With an indifferent expression, as though it is not of any significance, he spills his thoughts into words honestly and openly. At first glance at Heo Young Saeng may seem icy, after knowing him you’ll find a toughen and deep young man who have spend an full 7 years in the entertainment industry. Even within the short interview about cars, his deep thoughts were revealed.

“What has been your desire or what do you wish to buy recently?” To which, Heo Young Saeng did not reply immediately but pondered over it for a while. Then he said “Car?”. Cars are usually what men who started working would first buy or wishes to buy. Having the thoughts about buying a car yet do not have one is surprising.

Heo Young Saeng said “Drove a kind of car called the bumper car in the past. Others also drove around in it. Honestly I don’t particularly like driving. I bought a car but last year I had my hand injured so I couldn’t drive. Hence I had it sold”

He explained later “I was injured and also got busy so all the more I couldn’t drive my car around. I too did not like to travel too far. When I go for exercise, I tag along with the Hyungs to go drinking and when I have to drink, I will call for a chauffeur so its alright. Therefore I don’t really need to have a car.”

Heo Young Saeng expressed “What worries me most is when I drink. Usually I will take a taxi there, but there are times when I drive too. If I had too much to drink, I’d rather not have the problem about having to drive carelessly. I may not have good judgement (when driving) and will not be able to drive well. Fear that I will have to drive like that.” He continued “It wasn’t a need so I had it sold, but because I didn’t have it, I wanted it.”

Meanwhile, Heo Young Saeng has recently released his second album ‘SOLO’ with title song ‘Crying’ and resumes his activities as a singer after a year. ‘Crying’ features the come back of a weak man who has experienced the tears and pains due to a separation from his love. Compared to the existing stage, his emotional appeal is even more remarkable.

[Article] Heo Young Saeng reveals selca of his bewitching long hair ‘Can man be this pretty?’

[2012.06.08] Heo Young Saeng reveals selca of his bewitching long hair ‘Can man be this pretty?’

Source: Newsen
English Translation: Honeyeee @

Heo Young Saeng revealed a selca of himself wearing a long hair that is prettier than females.

Singer Heo Young Saeng posted the tweet in the noon on 8th June with a picture along with text “7th anniversary. Before making hairstyle for Crying!”

In the picture which Heo Young Saeng has posted, he was wearing a long black hair which was tied to the back. While in the fore of his face, with the long bangs falling forward, he looks exactly like actor in the historical drama.

Netizens who saw the photo gave respond such as “Make this hairstyle for crying” , “I thought it was short hair did you changed your concept?” , “You’re prettier than female”, “Go film a historical drama right now”, “The song Crying is great”, “Its already the 7th year. Congratulations”, “You seem to get prettier”, “It will be tiring if you have this hair everyday” and so on.

Meanwhile, Heo Young Saeng has released his mini album ‘SOLO’ which he has has personally participated in the production, showcasing his distinctive vocal charms throughout title song ‘Crying’.

[Article] Heo Young Saeng ‘Why does everybody knows that I’m not interested in acting?’

[2012.06.07] Heo Young Saeng ‘Why does everybody knows that I’m not interested in acting?’

p/s: i think he meant ‘thinks’ but i followed the title article & wrote ‘knows’ anyway.
Please correct me if im wrong!

Source: NEWSEN

English Translation: Honeyeee @

Heo Young Saeng, whose chicness seems endless, overcame it through sitcom. “I have no confidence in memorizing scripts” said Heo Young Saeng, who said he couldn’t do musicals, but yet had successfully completed it. Just like this, Heo Young Saeng builds up his self-confidence bit by bit.

Heo Young Saeng who revealed in an interview as he releases his last album that he “has no confidence in memorizing scripts”, was later casted in musical ‘Three Musketeers’ and transformed into a musical actor. Heo Young Saeng, whom we’ve came face to face once again, laughed as he said “It was alright. While it was facinating, I memorized by hard too”

Heo Young Saeng said “Even up till now, i can still remember the lines (in the script). I forget the lines in the sitcom after a while, but i remember the lines for musical even until now. It could be because I have been constantly practicing it. After all it was for a period of 2 months. I can also remember all the fencing strokes, i probably memorized them better than the lines.”

He said, “And above all, I think its because I have met good people and have been in a good production. Hence i had more motivation. The pressure and tension that I was experiencing had all been covered up by the actors.” while expressing his gratitude.

Regarding the sitcom, Heo Young Saeng revealed, “Honestly, being in the sitcom wasn’t as bad either. The amount of makeup is not too much of a concern. Before participating in the sitcom, when speaking to the writers, i told them that even though i’m a singer, the character given to me may need not be a elegant one. I thought about the reality of how a singer may look cool on stage, but after coming down from stage, the singer is just another ordinary person.”

In response to the words “Not interested in acting”, Heo Young Saeng told us “I used to have a little interest in acting. I wanted to try. But people thought i have no interest in acting. I’ve always wanted to try, but people didn’t think that way. In fact, I’m quite interested.”

He said “That is because it seems interesting if I live such as another person. Whenever we have a musical performance, i thought, ‘You’re going against the villian today’, ‘You’re going to have a affectionate scene’, it makes me excited. Now, while shooting sitcom i will think to myself ‘You’re going to see your girlfriend’. Since i cannot do things such as being in a romance in reality, being able to do that while in a sitcom seems good too.”

Heo Young Saeng who was on the musical stage and in a sitcom for a period has once again returned as a singer. Despite revealing his desires in acting, his mercenary spirit as a singer was as strong as before. In particular, the album concept, planning, organization and so on, Heo Young Saeng has been directly involved in the overall production and has his name reflected  in the producing line.

Heo Young Saeng said “As compared to the other or the last album, it will be good if the current album gets credit. I hope I can show you my improvements a little by little.” (Photos = B2M Entertainment)

[Article] Prior to enlistment, Witty words from Kim Kyu Jong’s fans “2 Years in the Department of Defence”

[2012.06.04] Prior to enlistment, Witty words from Kim Kyu Jong’s fans “2 Years in the Department of Defence”

English Translation: Honeyeee @

With an overflowing sense, SS501 Kim Kyu Jong’s fans cheers for Kim Kyu Jong’s enlistment with Rice Flowers.

Kim Kyu Jong’s fan meeting was held on the 3rd of this month at the auditorium of Yonsei University in Seoul. The fan meeting on this day marks the last event since the asia tour fan meeting which began last February and is also the last event for Kim Kyu Jong and his fans to get together before his enlistment to the army in July.

The rice flower support that were sent in to cheer for Kim Kyu Jong’s Fan Meeting totals up to 1.33 ton. Starting from Korea, China, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore and so on, fandom from a total of 7 countries has participated. The 1.33 ton worth of rice flower can feed about 11,000 of malnourished children, and will be donated to malnourished children and other underprivileged people as appointed by Kim Kyu Jong.

Kim Kyu Jong’s Korean fans have also sent in rice flower for his fan meeting in December 2010 and his musical ‘Goong’ in September 2011. 3 ton rice flower received has been donated to Jeonju Deok Jin Gu and Seoul Kang Bok Gu Food Market.

Fans of Kim Kyu Jong gave him encouragement for his enlistment through the rice flowers along with messages such as “2 years in the Department of Defence, anymore longer than that is no no no way!” , “Throw away all the rubber shoes in the world from yesterday!, We need you no matter when is it♡ I Love You Kyu Jong♡” and so on.

P.S: I’m not sure on the rubber shoe part, please correct me if I’m wrong! ^^