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[Article] Nuvane, “Heo Young Saeng’s like a beggar” insulting remarks.

[2012.06.10] Nuvane, “Heo Young Saeng’s like a beggar” insulting remarks.

Source: Star Today
English Translation: Honeyeee @

Magic Team Nuvane made an criticism remark towards group SS501’s member Heo Young Saeng.

In the afternoon on the 9th, at the end of MBC TV ‘Show Music Core’ , member Jang Hyo Won of Nuvane wrote on his twitter “Heo Young Saeng’s like a beggar”. This was written after seeing the performance of Heo Young Saeng who has performed his title song ‘Crying’ from the 2nd mini album ‘SOLO’ which was released last month on the 22nd.

This resulted in fans of Heo Young Saeng attacking Jang Hyo Won. Through a search on the internet, information found proofed Nuvane as a public figure. Such action as showing disrespect to a singer is unacceptable.

With the attacks from Heo Young Saeng’s fans, Jang Hyo Won aggravates it by tweeting “Because I’m scared so I’m going to shut down my account…is fake. What’s with you all”. Nuvane’s leader Kim Do Hyeong too tweeted in response to the angry fans “Gosh! That fellow’s fans are scary kekekekeke Only a word and there’s an explosion in twitter”.

Fans rebutted Nuvane with posts such as “A person whose name will appear upon searching on the Internet is someone of a public figure and this is not what the behavior that one should have.” , “I hope you guys hear people calling you beggars too” , “This is absurd” , “Quick apologize” and so on.

Eventually Jang Hyo Won apologized on the 10th in the morning “Specifically mentioning a particular artiste as an performing artiste myself, there seems to be a problem with respect. I apologize to the artiste and fans.” Leader Kim Do Hyeong too apologized “I apologized too as a leader for my team member’s mistake”. All condemning writings that caused the dispute were removed too.

-Omitted the last paragraph that talks about Nuvane-


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