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[& The Peasident Says…] Pre-Order for Kim Hyung Jun’s 2ND SOLO ALBUM


Album Release Date: 10th July 2012

Pre-Order Closing date: 15th July 2012 (Sunday), 11:59PM



Album Tracklist:
1. INTRO (I’M)
4. 잘못 걸었어
5. 나쁜 남자라

Payment information
Price: PACKAGE 1 (SGD $23) / PACKAGE 2 (SGD $21)
POSB Savings 145-04368-9

Order form
Album Choice:
Total Quantity:
Ibanking nick: (if applicable)
Transaction Reference:
Meet up/Postage:
Address: (if postage)
Registered or Normal: (if Postage)

**Album sales will be counted towards Hanteo Chart.

Please drop us an email with the order form at only AFTER you’ve made the payment.
(Your order will only be counted with payment. No payment, No order!)

Collection Method: Postage/Meet Up
We strongly encourage meet-ups instead of postage, as you would have to bear the postage costs.
We will not be responsible for any lost mail.
Meet up will be planned on weekends & in town area.
(Usually Starbucks @ Plaza Singapura, Tom & Toms @ Icon Village & McDonald’s @ Springleaf Tower)

If you have any questions, feel free to email us or leave us a comment below, we will try and reply you as soon as possible!


[Pictures] Kim Hyung Jun “ESCAPE” Solo Album Showcase & Mini Concert

[2012.06.29] Kim Hyung Jun “ESCAPE” Solo Album Showcase & Mini Concert

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Thank You ^^

[Article] Kim Hyung Jun, Perfect Transformation into ‘Oksu Aristrocrat’ with Luxurious Convertible Ride

[2012.04.06] Kim Hyung Jun, Perfect Transformation into ‘Oksu Aristrocrat’ with Luxurious Convertible Ride

Source: Interview 365
Translation: Honeyeee @ LOVE501.COM

Actor Kim Hyung Jun boasts his superior appearance with a convertible ride.

In SBS PLUS mini series “I Love You” which first episode will be aired on the 16th of this month, Kim Hyung Jun plays the role of a genius programmer ‘Jung Chae Min’ who will be active on service as a public service personnel.

According to the script of the drama, Jung Chae Min was plotted to appear like a prince riding on a white horse in his continental convertible before Kim YeonA (Played by Kim Yoon Seo) who panics while trying to get a taxi.

In particular, when compared to the luxurious convertible car, Kim Hyung Jun’s gentlemen of refined appearance captivates people’s attention at first sight.

Netizens who have seen the pictures gave explosive reactions such as “As expected, Kim Hyung Jun looks good in suit”, “Even with the convertible, Kim Hyung Jun catches my attention at first sight.”, “Do public service personnel like him exists.”, “Oksu Aristrocrat” and so on.

[Article] ‘I Love You’ Kim Hyung Jun, Perfect Transformation into a Public Service Personnel

[2012.03.22] ‘I Love You’ Kim Hyung Jun, Perfect Transformation into a Public Service Personnel

Source: TV DAILY
Translation: Honeyeee @ LOVE501.COM

Actor Kim Hyung Jun made a surprise transformation into a public service personnel for drama.

In SBS PLUS’s new drama ‘I Love You’ (Script Writer Kim Myeong Ho, Director Yoon Ryu Hae), Kim Hyung Jun plays a genius programmer Jung Min Chae who used to earn a lot of money from developing games.

In the drama, due to military service obligation, Kim Hyung Jun transforms into a public service personnel. Despite dressing as a civil servant, Kim Hyung Jun’s sculpture image is expected to send aura that jolts women’s heart. In fact, during the shoot, Kim Hyung Jun himself being the atmosphere maker, with his extrovert personality, spreads warmth and harmonious mood around the shooting set that even women staffs couldn’t take their eyes off him.

Kim Hyung Jun said with great determination “Warm and pleasant atmosphere within the set makes shooting more enjoyable. Like that, working well with the seniors for a good production makes me feel honored.” also, “In order not to cause inconvenience to the seniors, one have to bear an attitude showing that you are putting in effort and is working hard.”

The first episode of ‘I Love You’ will be broadcasted on the 16th of April. A heartwarming drama that reclaims the valuable things that has been lost. Starting from Lee Soon Jae, Jeong Young Suk, Kim Ho Yeong, Jo Yang Ja and other outstanding actors along with veteran actors such as Kim Hyung Jun, Kim Yoon Seo, Jeong In Gi, Kim Guang Kyu, Park Jun Myeon has gathered to create talks (headlines) for the drama.

[Article] Kim Hyung Jun, mischievous expression overflowing in morning selca “Snaps”

[2012.03.21] Kim Hyung Jun, mischievous expression overflowing in morning selca “Snaps”

Source: OSEN
Translation: Honeyeee @ LOVE501.COM

Singer Kim Hyung Jun reveals a morning selca sporting a mischievous expression.

In the forenoon of the 21st, Kim Hyung Jun tweeted “Let’s go shooting! Sleepy” along with the picture.

In the picture, Kim Hyung Jun was seemingly in the beauty saloon and was wearing a white gown. With his eyes and mouth wide open, Kim Hyung Jun looked comical.

Netizen who have seen the photo reacted with “A cute look to start the morning! I’m gaining energy”, “Hyung Jun who has lots of cuteness”.

Meanwhile, Kim Hyung Jun is scheduled to appear in SBS Drama ‘I Love You’ which will be broadcasted on the 16th of April.

[Article] Kim Hyung Jun ‘Glowing She!’ First shoot… “Do not want to be someone who doesn’t put in effort”

[2011.11.21] Kim Hyung Jun ‘Glowing She!’ First shoot… “Do not want to be someone who doesn’t put in effort”

Translation: Honeyeee @

Singer Kim Hyung Jun begins first shooting for KBS Drama ‘Glowing She!” (Scripted by: Yu Yeong Eun, Son Mi Su, Directed by: Lee Jeong Pyo) and transforms into an actor.

In the drama, Kim Hyung Jun plays a haggard topstar, Kang Min, and have successfully completes his first shoot on the 19th in a hospital in Seoul.

On this day, the shooting of the scene involves Kang Min seeking medical consultation in the hospital due to an unexpected discomfort in his body. Dressed in a black skinny leather jacket and overwhelmed with individuality, Kim Hyung Jun attracted all eyes on him with his serious and haughty expression despite looking haggard.

After the first shoot, Kim Hyung Jun said “I do not want to be someone who did not put in effort although i am not sure if i did well. Since this is my first challenge as an actor, i tend to be very careful when i am infront of the camera. Although I had a lot of difficulties, it was much more interesting than i thought.”

He also revealed that “Despite me lacking in a lot of areas, directors and senior actors were very considerate and kind, hence i was able to follow along. In future, I will do lots of preparation and work harder to show a better better work, do my best and greet everyone with an interesting drama.

‘Glowing She!’ reveals events behind the glamorous broadcasters in the entertainment department, unfolding interesting stories of newcomer scriptwriter (So Yi Hyeon) surrounding Star PD (Park Gwang Hyeon) and topstar, fighting for love and striving in work. It will be aired early next year.

Honeyeee: hee! V v v proud of Hyung Jun ^^ Drama & CF are all creeping up to him!
Compared to one shot to fame, i am glad to see that he’s actually taking his baby steps to success.

Hwaiting Jjun~ ♡

[Article] Kim Hyung Jun, blame the excessive schedule? ‘I am so tired’

[2011.11.20] Kim Hyung Jun, blame the excessive schedule? ‘I am so tired’

Source: Star News
Translation: Honeyeee @

Group SS501 member Kim Hyung Jun reveals half of his face.

On the 20th afternoon at 2:44PM, Kim Hyung Jun tweeted a picture on his twitter, along with a short sentence ‘Ah. Commercial shooting is tough’.

The picture of Kim Hyung Jun shows obvious signs of fatigue in his appearance. The surprise revealed face of him looked a little gaunt, which made fans worry about him.

Netizens who saw the picture responded, “Please go easy on him~”, “You looked tired”, “What commercial is that? Looking forward to it!”, “Even so, you still look good” and so on.

Meanwhile, Kim Hyung Jun has been casted in KBS Drama channel ‘Glowing She!’ which will be aired early next year, along with talent So Yi Hyeon and Park Gwang Hyeon.

[Article] Kim Hyung Jun, In Patient Gown looking colorless.. ‘Are you feeling unwell?’

[2011.11.19] Kim Hyung Jun, In Patient Gown looking colorless.. ‘Are you feeling unwell?’ 

Source: OSEN

Singer Kim Hyung Jun from Idol group SS501 revealed an image of himself in a patient gown.

In the forenoon on the 19th, Kim Hyung Jun tweeted a short sentence, ‘I’m a patient’ along with a picture.

In the picture, Kim Hyung Jun is in a hospital wearing a patient gown, his body in a droopy state and without energy. The colour of his face didn’t look good either, arousing the curiosity of what exactly happened to him.

Netizens who saw the picture commented, “Are you feeling unwell? Why did you go to the hospital for?”, “Patient? Get well soon” and so on

Meanwhile, Kim Hyung Jun is currently the MC for Mnet ‘Wide News’ which broadcasts weekly, from Monday to Thursday at 5PM.

[Article] “Can’t live as an Idol all the time”…Kim Hyung Jun.Kim Ki Bum Brothers becomes CEO

[2011.03.30] “Can’t live as an Idol all the time”…Kim Hyung Jun.Kim Ki Bum Brothers becomes CEO

Source: DongA
Korean to English Translation: Honeyeee @

You can’t be an idol for too long. You have to plan (think of) your future.”

SS501 Kim Hyung Jun and former UKISS member Kim Ki Bum brothers decided to become businessmen.

The 2 brothers who have always been interested in characters and related product design as well as media business development, joint-hands together and started the business, ‘HnB Company’. The name ‘HnB’ is an abbreviation for ‘Happy and Bright’ and is created using their name initial. The alphabet H comes the name of Kim Hyung Jun, while B from brother KiBum.

In the recent interview with Sports DongA, Kim Hyung Jun said with aspiration “We won’t always remain as an young idol group for too long.” he continued, “We have to make some investment and plan for our living for the future. I will show you that my business is a success.”

Kim Hyung Jun added, “My brother KiBum is an idea bank. It would be good if we can start the business while presenting various characters to the fans as gifts at the same time.” he continued, “The 2 of us have been directly involve, from the design to the development of the product.”

The result of ideas from 2 person are the interesting names they have for the products. Like ‘Piro Piro’ for the neck pillows and cushions, and ‘Siro Siro’ and ‘Maro Maro’ which will be launched in April.

Kim Hyung Jun revealed, “The price of fame is the tendency for people to think that celebrity’s status is used in business. I would like to focus on the quality and practicality. When creating the product, i think from the perspective of consumer in order to increase the repurchase rate.”


[Article] SS501 Kim Hyung Jun, ‘Solo Singer.Actor. Entrepreneur.. I’m a greedy person”

[2011.03.29] SS501 Kim Hyung Jun, ‘Solo Singer.Actor. Entrepreneur.. I’m a greedy person”

Source: Osen
Korean to English Translation: Honeyeee @

Be it in group SS501 or as solo singer, it is necessary that Kim Hyung Jun’s all-rounded talent is noticeable. Singer, actor, business man. To be able to confidently release an album of his own, Kim Hyung Jun is not the cute maknae of the group anymore.

Kim Hyung Jun made his comeback and released his first mini-album ‘My Girl’ after a year. When being asked about the feeling of standing on the stage alone, he said “It feels good. I was able to fulfil what i had wanted to do”. His shinning eyes shows his determination of wanting to show more in the future.

“I have wanted to try solo even while it was the 5 of us. I have always wanted to try being on my own. I have a lot of desire. I’m greedy.” He said, “I wanted something distinctive” with his eyes full of dreams.

The biggest advantage of a solo is to be able to freely pursue the kind music. For Kim Hyung Jun’s first mini album, he spent about 2 months looking for title song ‘oH! aH!’ since it is going to be the song that marks the beginning of his solo work. Sophisticated and intense reaction. Feel that it is a good start.

“Kim Hyung Jun has this side too?”, “Kim Hyung Jun right?”, “Kim Hyung Jun have changed a lot” Kim Hyung Jun feel satisfied when he hear words like this and will want to work even harder on his transformation.

Of course there were worries. “Frankly, i feel burdened, of course. However, I enjoy myself on the stage once i found my confidence. Embarking on solo activities have proved a great significance on its own.”

Now, Kim Hyung Jun’s appearance have vary greatly as compared to as when he was with the other 4 members. Character wise, he has changed too. Of course there were difficulties. The members have been together for 6 years and they was subjected to extreme stress when they are separated.

“Of course i felt lonely. But i can feel myself becoming a lot more mature. In the past, I don’t voice out my thoughts and opinions strongly. Therefore i had a lot of regrets deep down, so much that i might have developed some internal injuries inside. When in group activities, other members can fill up my lacking parts. But it is different now. I have to bear all the responsibilities by myself. I feel more grown up. And i am gaining myself more confidence too.”

There is also another fear. A fear that is experienced by anyone who transforms into solo artiste from group, that is the shrinking of fanbase.

This is something that Kim Hyung Jun himself agrees with and he also believes that it is something that must be overcome by himself.

“I have to overcome this process. Initially i have thoughts like did the fans lessen, did the fans who came to see me lessen, did the voices shouting for me lessen. But only after overcoming this, you can truly enjoy yourself while on the stage. Now i get to create something right from scratch.”

Kim Hyung Jun thought it wasn’t enough to concentrate on choreography, so he started working hard on vocal training again right from the beginning. Although he wasn’t 100% satisfied, his new image brings surprises to all.

When being asked about his first stage broadcast, he revealed “I was really nervous. I made a lot of mistakes during rehearsal. I was never so shakened before. But i am a little stage conscious. Once i was on the stage, i could not feel the nervousness i felt before, but i felt a burst of joy.”

Kim Hyung Jun who have a lot of desire wishes to excel in not just singing, but also hopes to be someone who excels in acting. Having done the musical ‘Caffeine’, Kim Hyung Jun has proven himself with potential as an actor.

The voice with great advantages. Unlike his pretty face, Kim Hyung Jun is blessed with a deep bassy voice, which is a plus point to him as he is capable of pulling off a wide genre of songs during both acting and singing.

“Honestly, musical was a little tough for me since i am still learning. It was like a new world to me. It is an area where I can do well and i want to do well. I was lucky that the response was good. It was really a wise decision to participate in a musical. Nevertheless, music is still my priority, but i too have desire to venture into acting.”

Kim Hyung Jun takes another name, the business man. Before, when Kim Hyung Jun’s younger brother Kim Kibum was still active as a UKISS member, both brothers joint hands and ventured into character business ‘Piro Piro’ which was doing fairly well.

“Business is better than expected. And is expanding a little by little. Our office has already grown bigger. Staff has also increased. Haha. I am working with my brother and i am really happy about it. Kibum has got a strong entrepreneur’s streak. And most importantly, I am really proud of my brother when i see him working hard.” (Honeyeee: Hyung Jun nim~ im so proud of you too! ^^)

Because it is still in the early days, Kim Hyung Jun is still not sure about his final goal. But the answer is clear that the youth with overwhelming ambitious has returned. “I want be a successful creator like Park Jin Young, Lee Soo Man, Yang Hyun Seok sunbaenims. I want to help the juniors who have dreams to build their dreams. But of course, even though this might be tough and difficult, I would still like to challenge it. One day i will somehow achieve it right? Nothing is impossible. Haha”

Kim Hyung Jun whose promotional activities in Japan was put off due to the earthquake in Japan, will now focus on domestic activities.