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[& The Peasident Says…] Pre-Order for Kim Kyu Jong’s 2nd Mini Album [Meet Me Again]


Album Release Date: 13th July 2012
Pre-Order Closing date: 15th July 2012 (Sunday), 11:59PM
(T/N: We will be shipping the albums back together with Hyung Jun’s ESCAPE album) 


[Disclaimer!!!] LOVE501 cannot guarantee that we will get the numbered albums for Kyu Jong’s 2nd Mini Album. Please orders at your own risk.

Payment information
Price: SGD $12
POSB Savings 145-04368-9

Order form
Ibanking nick: (if applicable)
Transaction Reference:
Meet up/Postage:
Address: (if postage)
Registered or Normal: (if Postage)

Please drop us an email with the order form at only AFTER you’ve made the payment.
(Your order will only be counted with payment. No payment, No order!)

Collection Method: Postage/Meet Up
We strongly encourage meet-ups instead of postage, as you would have to bear the postage costs.
We will not be responsible for any lost mail.
Meet up will be planned on weekends & in town area.
(Usually Starbucks @ Plaza Singapura, Tom & Toms @ Icon Village & McDonald’s @ Springleaf Tower)

If you have any questions, feel free to email us or leave us a comment below, we will try and reply you as soon as possible!


[Article] Prior to enlistment, Witty words from Kim Kyu Jong’s fans “2 Years in the Department of Defence”

[2012.06.04] Prior to enlistment, Witty words from Kim Kyu Jong’s fans “2 Years in the Department of Defence”

English Translation: Honeyeee @

With an overflowing sense, SS501 Kim Kyu Jong’s fans cheers for Kim Kyu Jong’s enlistment with Rice Flowers.

Kim Kyu Jong’s fan meeting was held on the 3rd of this month at the auditorium of Yonsei University in Seoul. The fan meeting on this day marks the last event since the asia tour fan meeting which began last February and is also the last event for Kim Kyu Jong and his fans to get together before his enlistment to the army in July.

The rice flower support that were sent in to cheer for Kim Kyu Jong’s Fan Meeting totals up to 1.33 ton. Starting from Korea, China, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore and so on, fandom from a total of 7 countries has participated. The 1.33 ton worth of rice flower can feed about 11,000 of malnourished children, and will be donated to malnourished children and other underprivileged people as appointed by Kim Kyu Jong.

Kim Kyu Jong’s Korean fans have also sent in rice flower for his fan meeting in December 2010 and his musical ‘Goong’ in September 2011. 3 ton rice flower received has been donated to Jeonju Deok Jin Gu and Seoul Kang Bok Gu Food Market.

Fans of Kim Kyu Jong gave him encouragement for his enlistment through the rice flowers along with messages such as “2 years in the Department of Defence, anymore longer than that is no no no way!” , “Throw away all the rubber shoes in the world from yesterday!, We need you no matter when is it♡ I Love You Kyu Jong♡” and so on.

P.S: I’m not sure on the rubber shoe part, please correct me if I’m wrong! ^^

[Article] Kim Kyu Jong ‘Mature Man, off with cute image’

[2011. 10.09] Kim Kyu Jong ‘Mature Man, off with cute image’

Source: Sports Seoul
Translation: Honeyeee @

Kim Kyu Jong (24) from group SS501 embarks on his solo path.

Kim Kyu Jong recently made a comeback with title song ‘YESTERDAY’, a medium tempo dance song in his mini album, produced by composer Han Sang Won who also composed SS501’s hit song ‘U R Man’. Since SS501 members, Park Jung Min, Kim Hyung Jun, Heo Young Saeng and Kim Hyun Joong have all released their solo albums respectively prior to this, Kim Kyu Jong was the latest member to begin his solo activity.

– Amongst the members, as the last member to release solo album,  was not impatient.

In fact, I did not have plans to produce an album within this year. If i was given chance, I hope to try out as an actor in musicals (Kim Kyu Jong participated in the musical ‘Goong’ and took on the role of Prince Shin) and also in dramas before I become active as an singer again. Then one day, my agency’s president found the current title song for album and came to me. He said “This song is really good” He suggested that i give it a try and resume my activities as singer. I liked the song too so agreed readily and everything happened.

– After leaving SS501, don’t you feel the burden despite being alone on stage.

I grew up (matured). In the past, I have members with me to fill up the stage. But now I have to do it alone right from the beginning till the end. Talked to the choreography team hyungs a lot regarding the stage. When I was in SS501, I had the cute image but we agreed that now I should present a more mature and masculine appearance. Therefore, we are using the suspenders as props as we showcase the dance. It gives off a retro yet stylish feel.

– Which of the other member’s solo album do you particularly like?

Personally I like Hyung Jun’s album the most. Hyung Jun originally has sense in music. And because I like songs with pop style, Hyung Jun’s album has the style that is similar to what i like.

– Heo Young Saeng who was from the same agency as you did a rap featuring in your song ‘My Love’. In SS501, Heo Young Saeng was a lead vocalist. Having him featured in rapping was unusual.

Young Saeng has always like rapping. I have seen him rapped when we go to NoRaeBang (Karaoke) and thought he was pretty good. He can do Outsider’s speed rapping well too…. I requested to Young Saeng Hyung “Help me with the rap featuring” , but he was concerned about “Do both of us sound good together?”.

– What is the focusing point of releasing the solo album?

Worried a lot about the title song. How do we keep up with the current trend. Also, if the genre will suit and if it will be popular in overseas. I want a song of my own. Wanted a song that is dreamy yet have a manly style that people will remember it. Like Top Singer Tommy Page, his songs are the style that i want.

– The member which you have been in contact with.

Since Jung Min is having activities in Taiwan, I haven’t been able to keep in contact with him. If time permits, I want to act in Taiwan too. Hahaha. I met Hyung Jun recently and he heard my album too. Hyun Joong hyung is preparing for his 2nd album as well and he also asked me to monitor him.

– Were you reminded of the SS501’s days?

Of course i think of it. Whenever I see Super Junior or other idol groups who were doing activities as the same time as we do in the past singing on TV.

– Plans of getting back together

If between members there is an opportunity next year, we also wish that we can do it together for once. Only if we can clear the busy schedules then we can do that…

– Enjoyed yourself in musical

I enjoy myself but I tend to always worry that i might make mistakes. So I often pray at night. Haha.

– SS501 had the reputation of Hallyu Star. Plans to promote overseas as solo artiste.

I will be holding my first fan meeting in Japan next month. Firstly, i will promote as singer in Korea. I also wish to show myself more and be more active as an actor in overseas. I should be doing various overseas promotion some time next year.

[Article] Lee Hong Ki-Kim Kyu Jong, Proof shot of Close friendship “It’s been a long time!”

[2011.01.24] Lee Hong Ki-Kim Kyu Jong, Proof shot of Close friendship “It’s been a long time!”

Source: TV Daily
English translation: Honeyeee @
Please repost with credits.

FT Island member Lee Hong Ki recently unveiled a photo of himself and SS501 member Kim Kyu Jong on Twitter.

Lee Hong Ki posted the photo along with caption, “With Kyu Jong Hyung whom i have not met in a long time” displaying their friendship which gained much attention. Both of them were posing for the photo with their face side by side each other & smiling brightly, showing their close friendship.

Nezitens commented “The two look totally lovely”, “Please (continue to) show us your friendship for a long time!”, “Unexpected friendship?! Cute” and so on.

[Article] What are the plans of 7 Handsome Stars on Valentine’s Day?

[2011.01.19] What are the plans of 7 Handsome Stars on Valentine’s Day?

Source: Newsen
English Translation: Honeyeee @
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Actor Lee Jong Seok, SS501’s Kim Kyu Jong and Heo Young Saeng, Supreme Team’s Simon D (Ssamdi), Infinite, Doosan Bear’s Oh Jae-won and Lim Tae Hun talks about their upcoming plans for Valentine’s Day through Cosmopolitan.


SS501’s Heo Young Saeng is in the midst of preparing his solo album, while Kim Kyu Jong is preparing himself as he ventures into acting for the first time. When asked about the first thing which they want to do most had they have a girlfriend, Kim Kyu Jong said “I want to go to the theatre and amusement park while holding hands with my date.”, while Heo Young Saeng revealed “I wish to be able to talk about everything over a cup of Soju.”