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[Article] SS501 Park Jung Min, Heats up Guangzhou after Malaysia ‘Proving Popularity’

[2011.12.13] SS501 Park Jung Min, Heats up Guangzhou after Malaysia ‘Proving Popularity’

Source: OSEN
Translation: Honeyeee @ LOVE501.COM

Following the Malaysia Hennessy event, SS501 Park Jung Min was invited to China Guangzhou where he puts up great performances.

Prior to the Malaysia International event where Park Jung Min had been invited to perform, he had interviews with Chinese well-known media, proving his popularity.

In this event in Guangzhou, Park Jung Min’s performances ties with the concept of ‘The Global Art of Mixing’, which involves the collaboration between artistes. The first collaboration was with Taiwan famous singer Yoga Lin. Park Jung Min, along with someone of his same age and of different nationality whom he had never met, performed Lee Hom’s ‘Forever Love’, displaying beautiful harmony to fans from all over the world.

Following Yoga Lin, the second collaboration was with Singer A-Lin. The two performed the song ‘你最珍贵’ and with Park Jung Min’s mellow voice and A-Lin’s aspiration, fans who attended the event were captivated instantly.

Park Jung Min’s agency revealed, “With each and every one of the 4,000 audiences from Taiwan, China, Singapore, Philippines and so on, Park Jung Min heats up the stage with fan service such as eye contact, high-touch and etc.”

Meanwhile, Park Jung Min’s Taiwan CTS drama ‘Fondant Garden’ is scheduled to broadcast next year January.


[Article] Park Jung Min, Malaysia H-Artistry Opening Performance ‘Filled up the stage fully even alone’

[2011.11.14] Park Jung Min, Malaysia H-Artistry Opening Performance ‘Filled up the stage fully even alone’

Source: TV DAILY
Translation: Honeyeee @ LOVE501.COM

Singer Park Jung Min from group SS501 put up a splendid performance at Malaysia which captivated fans.

Despite his busy schedules from filming drama in Taiwan, Park Jung Min attended the ‘H-Artistry’ event held at Malaysia on the 12th this month and showcased a fantastic performance.

Every year, ‘H-Artistry’ would tour around the world, inviting hottest artistes as performers and Park Jung Min attended the event as a representative from Korea. Apart from Park Jung Min, performers attended the event includes famous America singer songwriter-cum-producer Chris Willis, Taiwan’s famous singer Landy Wen, Yolanda be Cool, DJ Goldfish & Blink and so on.

The day before the event, Park Jung Min had interview with China Press, Astro Hitz, E! News Asia and 10 over other TV, magazines, radio and daily Newspaper. On this day, it particularly surprised everyone around when Park Jung Min did the interview in Mandarin without having an interpreter.

Park Jung Min’s agency CNR Media said “Park Jung Min performed at the opening of ‘H-Artistry’ with dance and impressive performance which he have not done so before, such as Electronic, Club Mix, Shuffle Dance and so on. The performance of Park Jung Min DJ-ing personally received a lot of responses from people. With over 3000 spectators from Malaysia, Singapore and Philippines attended the event, the atmosphere was really hot” and “Having a tight schedule due to the filming of drama, his health was not at its best condition as well. But in order to show a perfect performance and his best appearance as an artist, he would put in a lot of effort and practice whenever time permits.”

Park Jung Min have since travelled to Taiwan to continue with the shooting of his drama after the event ended.

[Article] [★Photo] Idol stars responsible for making mistakes in choreography? ⑩ Park Jung Min

[2011.11.15] Idol stars responsible for making mistakes in choreography? ⑩ Park Jung Min

Source: Style M
Translation: Honeyeee @

Recently, a online community gathered the scenes of Idol Stars making mistake in choreography and edited them into a video titled ‘Idols making mistakes’. Particularly, the way which idols makes mistakes in choreography were especially interesting to watch.

-Omitted parts on idols-

SS501’s Park Jung Min was caught staring at Heo Young Saeng, wearing a cute yet bewildered expression and clearly looking flustered, which brought netizens fits of laughter.

[Article] Park Jung Min electrified fans in Singapore!

[2011.03.21] Park Jung Min electrified fans in Singapore!

Credits: Lian He Wan Bao, Omy
Translation: 9oanne @
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“Princess Hug”, Cake feeding, Back hug, Korean Star Park JungMin’s actions have electrified his 500 fans!
Korean Idol Group SS501 member, Park Jung Min, came Singapore last friday to promote his First Solo EP “Not Alone”, and has shown a very warm side of him. During yesterday’s Fan meeting, Park Jung Min carried fans, feed lucky fan with cake, and also back hug fan, almost fulfilling every requests, which results in non-stop screaming from fans. Those fans who got picked to go up on stage, were even luckier to have close contact with him!

Park Jung Min performed four songs during his Fan Meeting, including a Mandarin song, “Forever Love” which was originally sang by Wang Lee Hom. Beside practicing hard on Mandarin songs, Park Jungmin, who is very keen in learning Mandarin, also tried to answer questions in Chinese. Moreover, he will make fans happy by saying some sweet talks such as, ” I miss you all”, “You all are my girlfriends”, “You all are so cute”, “I will come back again” in Mandarin.

Beside giving eye contacts with his fans down the stage, Park Jung Min is even more generous to the fans on stage, in a way of giving hugs. Fans not only can get his back hug, one of the fans were being carried by Park Jung Min in a princess way, which made a lot of fans screamed and envy.
Park Jung Min do have those formality of other Korean celebrities. During game session, he will make fun of the fans by acting like he’s angry and said, “Faster! Faster!” in mandarin to those fans who walked slowly, and this created so much laughter among the fans. Park Jung Min treated his fans so nicely, fans has also recorded a MV for him. In additions, fans almost personally bake a cake for his birthday celebration, which made him very touched.

During the Press Conference, Park Jung Min shown a playful side of him, and even behaved like a “parrot” by copying what the translator and host said. He will also make some funny expression during the Press Conference, like pouting.

Park Jung Min was very comfortable during the Press Conference, and his playful image was very adorable. When the host ask questions, he will copy her tone, and when reporter ask questions, he will asked, “Who are you?” in Mandarin. Upon hearing the reporter’s name, he will then repeat his name by adding a “Little” in front of their name in mandarin, which create so much laughter. When the reporter asked two questions at a time, Park Jung Min will purposely give a expression that “blame” the reporter for being too greedy. However, when the translator forgets to translate the 2nd question, he will remind her that there’s another question. These caring actions has created a very good impression of him in other people’s mind.

SS501 Park Jung Min Suicide?! Chinese Media mistook photo of Cheorographer Park Jung Min.

[2011.03.02] SS501 Park Jung Min Suicide?! Chinese Media mistook photo of Cheorographer Park Jung Min.

Source: TV Daily
English Translation: Honeyeeee + Wonderrrgirl @
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SS501 Park Jung Min is not the victim of this case of suicide assault.

Chinese media reported on Cheorographer Park Jung Min (37) who took his life this month on the 27th.

However, picture appearing on the articles is not the Cheorographer, but Park Jung Min of SS501
which brought confusion to many overseas fans.

In the news coverage, with regards to the deceased Park Jung Min’s death, the well-known and the very same truth was reported by the Korean media as well, but the photo being used (by the Chinese media) was completely out of context.

Overseas fans who have read the article responded, “Just looking at the headlines and the picture only, one will be misled by it” , “A correction to the article should be made”.

[Article] SS501 Park Jung Min + Harsh City Man Song Young Gil ‘Comical’ photoshopped collage

[2011.02.21] SS501 Park Jung Min + Harsh City Man Song Young Gil ‘Comical’ photoshopped collage

Source: TV Report
English Translation: Honeyeee @
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Group ‘SS501’ member Park Jung Min and Gag Man Song Young Gil’s collage photo became a hot topic.

During the KBS 2TV ‘Gag Concert-Garden Balsam School’ corner that aired on the 20th, singer Park Jung Min who recently had his solo activities in Japan was ‘humiliated’ by harsh gagman Song Young Gil.

Song Young Gil challenged Park Jung Min “I’ll show you the real (authentic) killer smile” as he cast a sassy smile towards the audience. Following this, Song Young Gil made another stinging remark as he said, “Like me, I know you have the desire for plastic surgery” and “The issue you have with your face is your eyes.”

Song Young Gil then revealed a photoshopped collage as he said “A photo with a combination of your face and my eyes, go to plastic surgeon and say you want to be like this photo” The collage of Park Jung Min’s face which was photoshopped with Song Young Gil’s small eyes caused much laughter from Park Jung Min as well as from the audience.

In addition, Song Young Gil and Park Jung Min had an impromptu octave showdown where afterwhich, Park Jung Min was presented with Song Young Gil’s favourite item, “The Pain Relief Plaster”. Despite the response from the audience, Park Jung Min merely humbly placed the plaster on his neck.

[Article] Park Jung Min, touches nose while having autograph session in the rain “Because its raining, so my nose is cold?”

[2011.02.21] Park Jung Min, touches nose while having autograph session in the rain “Because its raining, so my nose is cold?”

Source: TV Daily
English Translation: Honeyeee @
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On the 19th this month, Park Jung Min met his foreign fans at the event sign event held in Taiwan.

The fansign session was held at the Red House Square of XiMenDing, Taiwan. Despite the inclement weather of heavy rain, more than 500 fans were present at the autograph session to see Park Jung Min.

Park Jung Min convey his gratitude to his fans saying “Everyone please be careful of catching cold and do not fall ill”, to which, fans responded enthusiastically.

On this day, a 3-tier cake decorated with Park Jung Min’s figurine was also prepared and presented at the fansign event. Park Jung Min responded, “Is this really me?” bringing much laughter to fans.

Park Jung Min’s popularity was proven when a fan had to start queueing for the event since 15th in order to be in the first row.

[Article] Park Jung Min, Heo Young Saeng, Kim Hyun Joong…SS501, accelerates solo pace

[2011.02.03] Park Jung Min, Heo Young Saeng, Kim Hyun Joong…SS501, accelerates solo pace

Source: Star News
English Translation: Honeyeee @ 
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Park Jung Min, Heo Young Saeng, Kim Hyun Joong…SS501, acelerates solo pace

Boy Group SS501 accelerates their solo pace. After their contract with their former agency DSP media expires, member of SS501 move into each’s respective agency. This year, one by one, each member will embark on their solo activities.

The first member to break the news of his solo activites was Park Jung Min who had released his first solo album ‘Not Alone’ on the 20th January. Despite the absence of ripple effect which is undoubtly powerful when SS501 is as a group, Park Jung Min’s popularity had not only shot to another level higher, his solo debut has also satisfied fans who have been waiting for SS501.

Following Park Jung Min, the youngest member of the group took over the baton and will be making his comeback on the 8th. Prior to his release of solo album, on the 28th last month, Kim Hyung Jun showcased his new song ‘Girl’. Through which, Kim Hyung Jun is determined to leave a deep impression of ‘Solo Kim Hyung Jun’ to his fans.

Besides domestic activities, Kim Hyung Jun is also preparing for a large-scale promotion in Japan as well as throughout Asia.

SS501’s main vocalist Heo Young Saeng is in the preparation for his solo comeback. Heo Young Saeng’s comeback was originally scheduled to be end of February has been now announced that he will be releasing his solo album in the mid of March. Official personnel from Heo Young Saeng’s agency, B2M Entertainment revealed, “The dates for comeback have not been confirmed yet but the preparation for comeback stage will be in the mid of March”.

With his particularly rich and appealing vocals and a combination of well-polished dance skills from SS501’s days, Heo Young Saeng is expected to display his best skills.

Group Leader Kim Hyun Joong is also currently aiming to make his comeback in May. KeyEast official personnel revealed, “Kim Hyun Joong is in the admist of working on his solo album”, “He is committed to the solo album and is currently working on variety of songs that has been collected”

Hence, members of group SS501 is expected to put on a well-intention yet fierce competition with each other for the time being.

[Article] ‘Strong Heart’ Park Jung Min vs Jo Kwon, Winner of Kkab showdown is?

[2011.01.26] ‘Strong Heart’ Park Jung Min vs Jo Kwon, Winner of Kkab showdown is?

Source: TV Report
English Translation: Honeyeee @
Please repost with full credits.

Winner for ‘Battle of the KKab’ of the century was emerged through the episode of SBS’s Strong Heart on the 25th.

On this special episode “Mad Presence” of Strong Heart, 2AM’s Jo Kwon had not only showcased his ‘Kkab Kwon Best’, he haughtyly went on throwing Park Jung Min the Kkab dance challenge.

And in order to live up to the name ‘Glamourous Jung Min’ and not to be inferior to Jo Kwon for his sense of entertainment and dance skill, Park Jung Min brought the heated atmosphere in the studio to another level with his sexy dance.

Building on to the heated atmosphere, together with Jo Kwon, the 2 took the stage, showing off their dance skills with couple kkab dance, *rob dancing and etc. However, during the crucial round of the dance off, the butt dance, Park Jung Min conceded defeat eventually at Jo Kwon’s ‘Peak of Kkab’.
(*t/n: Rob dancing is a dance like .. shaking? not sure how to explain it but Seo In Young is famous for that!)

At the end of Jo Kwon and Park Jung Min’s ‘Kkab Showdown’, Jo Kwon was declared the winner. Park Jung Min said “Our eyes met while we were dancing and something was caught in our eyes at that moment”which arouses a round of laughter in the studio.

Despite the uneasiness of going solo, Sexy Charisma is shining!

[2011.01.24] Despite the uneasiness of going solo, Sexy Charisma is shining!

[Exclusive] Park Jung Min, commemorates his solo debut showcase

Source: Hankooki
English Translation: Honeyeee + Wonderrrgirl @
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‘Sexy Charisma’, is one of the term that represents him. This is due to his tall, charming appearance and his eloquence.

SS501’s member Park Jung Min held his Showcase cum Fanmeeting on the 22nd, 7pm at Dome Art Hall of the Children’s Grand Park in Seoul. This event was prepared to commemorate and celebrate his first solo debut album. There were around 2000 fans including South Korea, China, Japan and so on, who are present to watch him as he takes his first solo step.

Starting from February, Park Jung Min will be holding showcases in Japan, Taiwan and various countries to commemorate the release of his solo album.

# Sexy Charisma is Sparkling!
On this day, besides his title song <Not Alone>, Park Jung Min has also performed songs such as <My Day is Everyday Christmas> and <Do You Know?>. Without his fellow members with him on the stage, and instead, he has to deal with the burden alone backstage as he gets himself prepared. Kim Hyung Jun made a visit with encouragement “I was glad to see that Park Jung Min had closely filled up the stage even though he’s alone”

# ‘Hello’ ‘Ni Hao (Hello in chinese)’ ‘Aishiteru (I Love You in Japanese)’
Park Jung Min did not forget to greet his fans from overseas whom were present at the showcase in various languages. Like what the host Jung Juri said, Park Jung Min’s good conversational skills with his fans is like “Push & Pull”. The gift of gab and extraordinary talent in learning a language, this is the charm of Park Jung Min.

# We are group mates and friends
In the middle of Park Jung Min’s, SS501’s Kim Hyung Jun made a surprise appearance. When being asked what is Park Jung Min’s charm and vitality to the people around him, Kim Hyung Jun replied ‘Vitamin’, which he further elaborate in the presence of fans and Park Jung Min. And to round off his congratulatory to Park Jung Min for his solo debut, Kim Hyung Jun planted a kiss on Park Jung Min’s cheek, showing off their unusual (?) friendship between them.

# All of your energy have increased
For this showcase, Park Jung Min revealed while he was backstage exchanging greetings, that he has received help from two persons for making the showcase a remarkable one. Yoo Seung Ho, the director who directed was the one overseeing the progress and the situation, as well as giving explanations and help to Park Jung Min. As well as the composer of, Shinsadong Tiger, whose late arrival almost resulted in him receiving complaints and being called a liar [Note: jokingly] , gave Park Jung Min a lot of encouragement for his showcase stage.

# Even though i was laughing, i was nervous at that moment
In order to stand in front on the stage for this showcase, Park Jung Min and the staff were completely absorbed in the preparations. At this new age of music, the solo debut stage has to be held almost immediately, and there is barely enough time to prepare for the showcase.