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Hangul: 김현중
Hanja: 金賢重
Japanese: キム・ヒョンジュン(リーダー)
Date of Birth: 1986.06.06
Constellation: Gemini
Blood Type: B
Height: 182CM
Weight: 68KG
Hobbies: Swimming, Rugby, Gym, Soccer, Basketball, Fishing
Specialities: Dancing, Guitar, Bass, Singing

Must-do before he sleeps: Bathe
Things he hates: Sea (Afraid of Sharks ever since watching “Jaws” when he was young), Insects
Favourite Accessories: Anything with Skulls
Favoutite Colour: Black
Life Motto: You only live for once
Animal that describes himself: Dog, Cow
Ideal Celebrities: Lee Hyori
Ways to relieve stress: Sleeping
Things that he brings in his bag: I-pod, Contact Lens, Wallet, Handphone
Ideal Type: Someone who is broadminded, Soft and Gentle, Generous and frank, someone who can get along with like a friend

His 3 wishes:
1. To become a world class, universal Singer
2. Gather fans from all over the world and hold a free concert for them
3. After which, live a peaceful and blissful life

Credits: Baidu



Hangul: 허영생
Hanja: 许永生
Japanese: ホ・ヨンセン
Date of Birth: 1986.11.03
Constellation: Scorpio
Blood Type: O
Height: 178CM
Weight: 63KG
Hobbies: Online Games, Basketball, Listening to music, Baseball
Specialities: Piano

Must-do before he sleeps: Have a drink
Life Motto: Overcome all difficulties and keep going forward
Animal that describes himself: Otter
Ideal Celebrities: Song Hye Gyo
Favourite part of his body: Shoulders
Ways to relieve stress: Listening to the music
Things that he brings in his bag: MP3 player
Ideal Type: Someone who is understanding, smart and cute

His 3 wishes:
1. To become a even better singer
2. To give everyone a smile which will bring them blessing
3. And as for his last wish, he hopes to give it to the person he likes

Credits: Baidu 



Hangul: 김규종
Hanja: 金圭钟
Japanese: キム・ギュジョン
Date of Birth: 1987.02.24
Constellation: Pisces
Blood Type: A
Height: 183CM
Weight: 60KG
Hobbies: Listening to music, Reading, Basketball
Specialities: Magic

Must-do before he sleeps: Have a drink
Life Motto: Challenge without regrets.
Animal that describes himself: Deer
Ideal Celebrities: Oh Se Jung
Favourite part of his body: Left Hand
Ways to relieve stress: Think of happy things, while it dilutes
Things that he brings in his bag: Wallet, MP3 Player, Nail Files, Lip-balm, Contact Lens
Ideal Type: Someone who pure and will not hide anything from him

His 3 wishes:
1. To lead a peaceful and happy life with his family
2. To become a man with indomitable spirit
3. SS501 to become the best group

Credits: Baidu



Hangul: 박정민
Hanja: 朴政玟
Japanese: パク・ジョンミン
Date of Birth: 1987.04.03
Constellation: Aries
Blood Type: O
Height: 185CM
Weight: 61KG
Hobbies: Listening to ballads, Writing
Specialities: Tap dancing, Rock Climbing

Must-do before he sleeps: Wear his eye masks and ear plugs
Life Motto: To always live with a thankful heart.
Animal that describes himself: Horse
Ideal Celebrities: Go So Young
Ways to relieve stress: Laughing
Things that he brings in his bag: Accessories, health supplements and diary
Ideal Type: Someone who is intelligent and is filial to parents

His 3 wishes:
1. Happiness
2. Gratitude
3. Give him another 3 more wishes

Credits: Baidu



Hangul: 김형준
Hanja: 金亨俊
Japanese: キム・ヒョンジュン(マンネ)
Date of Birth: 1987.08.03
Constellation: Leo
Blood Type: O
Height: 181CM
Weight: 66KG
Hobbies: Basketball, Listening to Music, Play online games
Specialities: Swimming. Dancing

Life Motto: To keep going forward despite any setbacks
Ideal Celebrities: BoA
Ways to relieve stress: Singing, playing computer games, dazing
Things that he brings in his bag: MP3 Player and Handphone
Ideal Type: Someone who is feminine and someone who is capable of handling her personal issue

His 3 wishes:
1. SS501 album to receive the first place
2. Family members to be healthy
3. For Korea to win the World Cup

Credits: Baidu


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